Ability resources

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All character classes in the game have a special resource that is used to activae unique abilities.

The Focus Resource

Focus / Adrenaline Resource

Crusaders have the Focus resource, which is required for their armour skills.
Focus is slowly regained over time.

The Adrenalin Resource

Assassins have the Adrenalin resource, which is required for their armour skills and Dodging.
Adrenalin is regained by killing enemies.

Warp Heat

Warp Heat stages

Psykers have Warp Heat which accumulates as they unleash their psychic powers. The higher the character's Warp Heat, the higher the risk of creating malevolent Warp anomalies that can even kill your character.
Warp Heat can be redused by using force weapon skills.
The psyker's Warp Heat level is divided into three stages:

  • Safe - Psykers can use their powers without repercussions
  • Imperiled - the player has a moderate chance to unleash a Warp Anomaly
  • Exposed - anomalies may appear frequently and character takes damage every time when psychic power is used