Block and dodging

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Shield Block[edit | edit source]

Blocking an attack

Shields have a default Block skill that enables you to completely negate an attack. The effect only lasts for a moment though, so you will have to time it right. Used effectively, this skill can protect you from the less frequent but devastating attacks that many enemies have.

Dodging Attacks[edit | edit source]

Some enemies possess very strong attacks that do a lot of damage if they hit you. However, such attacks can be avoided before they hit home. These enemies usually indicate their intention to use a lethal strike with some warning sign, both visually and audibly. When you see such a sign, quickly get out of the creature’s way.

Note that enemy attacks in general can be avoided if you time your movement right – and if your character is fast enough. This is true even for ranged attacks. You can dodge everything except for the fastest moving projectiles.