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Fate icon.png Fate is a special premium resource in the game, used for many advanced options. It can be spent on generating Tarot missions and on researching crafting techs. The entrance fee for some special missions and competitions is also paid in Fate.

Fate can slowly be earned by completing regular missions but much larger amounts are awarded for fulfilling Ordos Directives.
Additionally, Fate can be gained from weekly Glory chart placements, System Influence, and selling high-tier items.


  • For every mission: 8 + Difficulty modifier (+1 for every 50 Power Level)
  • Map Size also matters - Medium maps have an 1.5x multiplier, while Large maps have a 2x multiplier. (Currently there are only Small maps)

Weekly Glory

  • 100 Glory: 100 Fate
  • 400 Glory: 200 Fate

System Influence levels

  • 1: 50, 2: 100, 3: 200, 4: 300, 5: 500, Σ=950


In sum: 1850 Fate

Tarot: 5-20

Selling items

  • Artificer: 3
  • Relic: 10