Mission types

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Missions purge.png

  • Exterminate all enemies
Clear the entire area of hostiles to complete the mission.
Nurgle Infestation
Missions nurgle infestation.png

  • Destoy all Nurgle nests
Destroy several Nurgle breeding sites that spawn cohorts of the Plague Lord.
Daemonic Incursion
Missions daemonic incursion.png

  • Destroy all Warp Gates
Destroy several Warp Gates that spawn Chaos reinforcements from the Immaterium.
Missions hunt.png

  • Eliminate all marked targets
Eliminate all high-value targets marked on the map to complete the mission.
Missions assassination.png

  • Eliminate all marked targets
Hunt down and kill all marked targets to complete the mission.
While they area live, the targets provide a strong bonus to all other enemies in the mission.
Stolen Relics
Missions stolen relics.png

  • Collect # relics
Retrieve stolen relics by locating and opening chests. When approached, some chests spawn Daemonic guardians
and also will self-destruct unless the beasts are killed swiftly. Open # chests to complete the mission.
Panic Room
Missions panic room.png

  • Reach the VIP before it's too late
  • Take the VIP to the extration point
A VIP is hiding behind an armoured door but the enemy is trying to get in. Your task is to reach him in time and then escort him to safety
Silence the Guns
Missions silence the guns.png

  • Destroy all marked positions
There are three heavy weapon emplacements on the map, continuously firing on Imperial positions.
A Demplition bar shows the damage they cause. Your task is to destroy all three before the Demplition bar is filled up
Bunker Busting
Missions bunker busting.png

  • Deactivate all AA batteries
  • Call an airstrike on the bunker
A strategic enemy strongpoint protected by AA batteries must be deactivated.
Once all AA batteries are down, the airstrike can be called upon the bunker
Data Hunt
Missions data hunt.png

  • Collect all data
Extract data from cogitator terminals around the map. The mission is completed when all intel have been collected