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Terminal for access to Priority Assignment

Priroity Assignment are extended Inquisitorial investigations that consist of multiple procedurally generated missions, strung together into a short campaign. They appear less frequently than Grand Investigations with limited completion time. You can access Priority Assignment by speaking to Remigus Klemet on the Command bridge.

  • Priority Assignments are a great way to earn Weekly Glory, but a failure to complete may cost you dearly.

There are currently five Priority Assignments available:

  • Random Assignment(repeatable)
  • Seeds of Corruption (repeatable DLC)
  • Mind Plague (one-shot DLC)
  • Poisoned Souls (one-shot DLC)
  • Feral Beasts (one-shot)

Briefings[edit | edit source]

PA Briefing

Complex investigations involve additional personnel and assets. To represent this, P.A. starts with a special Briefing where you must make decisions.

Read the Background information to familiarize yourself with a task. Take a look at the Operation Prognosis, the probable outcome of the campaign:

  • if the Success Level bar is too low, you end up failing the task, even if you succeed in the individual missions of the campaign.
  • if the Collateral Damage bar is high, your actions will likely have unintended consequences, which will decrease your Weekly Glory rewards.

You can influence both bars with Actions. Try increasing your Success Level while keeping the Damage low. Sometimes you'll have no choice but to take damage. Sometimes you may be better off not choosing any the available Actions.

Pa briefing choices.png

Before launching a Priority Assignment mission, you can buy one advantage to improve your odds. Make sure you read through the list before you choose.


Priority Assignment missions end with a Debriefing, where you can read about the results of your actions and the developments of the case. Sometimes you'll be presented with a decision how you want to proceed.

Choose the option that you think is most important for your task.