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The suppression mechanic represents the mental and physical stress during combat. The Suppression Resistance Bar represents your ability to withstand harmful effects. Incoming attacks will drain this bar and as you are losing points, penalties will start ot mount.


Suppression stages

PROTECTED green bar No combat penalties.
SUPPRESSED! yellow bar You start to suffer penalties like Slow, Knockback, Shock, Blind, etc.
OVERWHELMED! red bar You suffer heavy penalties like Knockdown, Stun, Restrain, Freeze.

Suppression Resistance can be regained by using the Inoculator or by getting into cover. Outside combat, it will regenerate on its own. Note that Medium and Elite enemies also have a suppression bar and they suffer similar penalties.

The penalties inflicted to the Medium and Elite enemies are displayed as icons below their suppression bar. 40k Inquisitor Martyr Debuffs icons.png

- Penalty Effect
- Knockback Targets are forced back.


Shock Applies -40% movement and attack speed to the targets for 5 seconds.


Slow Applies -40% movement speed to the targets for 5 seconds.


Blind The target misses 80% of its attacks for 5 seconds.


Hallucination Applies 40% miss chance and -20% movement speed to the targets for 5 seconds.


Stun Disables the target for 3 seconds.
- Knockdown Targets are knocked to the ground.